Life is…

Life is…SNOW!  Snow, snow, snow, snow, SYYYNNNNNOOOOWW!

As well as all the soggy socks that comes with it seeing as Alfie Lowe thinks wearing 5 pairs is how it’s done…I’m a celeb is no more meaning come 9pm we’re all a bit lost…and end up watching some random programme about the best dressed Christmas Window Competition in Harrogate or somewhere?!...{still don’t know who won?!}...Quality Street in the office…nothing shouts “It’s Chriiiiistmas!” more than when the Quality Street start turning up under the tree as well as on my desk at work…”MAAAAAAM!  Dwi isio socks!” {SEE ABOVE!}…The Annual Edwards Christmas Party cancelled due to snow…{the only thing I disliked about the snow, too}…Someone Knows Something Season 3 {Might be the best one yet}...Squeals of delight when Sam comes round bearing gifts like Willow, Christmas Tree snippets, dried oranges so that we can get our DIY on…but end up drinking wine instead…{We all knew how that would end up, didn’t we?!}…Then staying up way past my bedtime to do some more decorating around the house…I knew going to bed last night that I was going to be late all day today…and I was…fashionably so…Re-runs of This is Us Season 1 because it’s life and I bloody love it…A Sneaky Cafe Cappuccino while the car is in the garage…I think it tasted better because I should have been back at the office…No more Quality Street’s left after 2 days in the office…{again, we all knew how that would end up, didn’t we?!}…

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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Rolly here…WHO IS LIVING HIS BEST LIFE IN THIS PHOTO.

^^ Hello My Handsomes! ^^

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It’s Oh So Pretty!

…When everyone else in the family is either snowboarding or standing on skate boards and I’m there all excited on my little sledge…

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So Life.  Life is screaming with joy as you whizz down the field on your sledge snowboard…it’s trying not to shout “You little Sh*t!” as your son hits you right on the phone you’re filming on with a snowball…it’s watching the bois fall into a heap on the floor as they all laugh uncontrollably at the bottom of the hill they’ve just gone down…and giving yourself a high five because you very nearly said no to that sledging outing.  Life is learning from your kids…laugh uncontrollably, get excited and just have fun.

Now who is ready for the next snowfall?!

Me and my little sledge!

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