{Running Diaries} 2018


It seems that lunchtime runs is where it’s at right now…and with the dark mornings and evenings still lingering and views {houses} like this, I am ok with that.

I managed the one evening run in the village…just following the street lights…up and down Berwyn Street a few times…getting freaked out that something/someone was following me…turns out it was the dog…he was out with me.

I felt like I was 10 years old again, trying to convince myself this time though and not my friends, to run down Pantons {is that even how you spell it?!} by myself in the dark.  Couldn’t.  Do.  It.

What a wuss.

Total miles for the week : 7.9.

Recovery was convincing others in the office that yes, I was fine, no, not about to drop dead and yes, my cheeks are always this colour after a run.

Anyone after a running buddy?!  Let me know!


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