Alfie & His last year of Primary School

Alf at 10 years old and in his last year of Primary School goes a little something like this;

:: He was genuinely excited to go back to see his mates and find out what they had been up to over the Christmas Holiday…{the night before that was…the morning of going back and having to get out of bed before 11am was another story…}

:: Speaking of bed…We’ve only got to give him the nod and he’s in bed with us straight away.  He was there the other evening and I woke up at one point and remember thinking “This is it.  This is the moment I finally fall out of my own bed because of Alf”…I managed to stay on…just.


:: Packed lunches can be a nightmare…especially seeing as Alf is soo picky with his food.  I dread to think how many packs of Philadelphia he’s gone through…not to mention sos coch…

:: Some evenings…no matter how hard we try…we just can’t swtich him off and he can be the most annoying person known to man.

:: …and yet in the same evening, he will have us all in fits of giggles thinking “never change, bach, never change”.

:: He wants all the trainers and football boots right now.

:: …As well as my phone even though he’s got his own tablet etc to play on.

:: He is going to have one hell of a fright when he’s got to be out of the door at 7.45am to get to school come September…

:: He loves babies and toddlers as much as I do.

:: Saturday evening, I let him decide what we were doing for the evening.  It started with watching ‘Liar, Liar’ then ‘Pele’, followed by a game of kitchen football and then a game of throwing Love Hearts at each other.  Perfect!

:: One night this week he had me choking on my tea and Paul blushing with one of his comebacks.  Remind me to tell you of that one in person when I see you.  It’s a corker!

:: A parcel arrived on my Birthday, back in August.  I waited a while for someone to tell me to open it, thinking it was a birthday present.  No one knew what it was.  So, with all eyes on me, I opened the box…to find a new pair of Term school shoes for Alf that we’d agreed to try out.  A small “doh!” from me but Alf was made up with his new shoes!  So much so, he left them on for the rest of the evening to show everyone.


:: His last Parents Evening has stuck with me…and probably will for some time.  His Teacher said so many wonderful things about Alf, that my eyes filled up and I thought I was going to snot everywhere, right there, in front of her.  I didn’t.  I did that at home.


:: 6 months on and the Term School Shoes are still going strong.  Yes, they’re probably in need of a good polish {my bad}…there’s a few scuffs {his bad} and what looks like a dog hair stuck to them…{Rolly’s Bad}…BUT, I’ve not had to replace them!  In the past, I’ve had to go looking for new school shoes in the January Sales…not in 2018!  {So that alone was a big hit this year as I took Robb to the Sales and was sick of the sight of any type of footwear after checking out approximately 132 pairs of trainers in one day.}

I asked Alf if he wanted to write the review for these and he looked at me as if I’d asked him to review a pair of pink fluffy slippers!  But he did tell me that they are “comfortable, smart and I can still run around with my mates in them!”

Diolch yn fawr, Term!

{Serious face; we were kindly sent these shoes for the purpose of this review, all thoughts, words and photos are my own…including that Boi Bach and his little quirks! ;)  }






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