January // Ionawr

I don’t know whether it’s because everyone else is commenting on how long January has been going on for and whether we say this every year…but yeah, everyone wishing January and it’s 74 days would just hurry up and be February already…I kinda get it.

Anyway…January…there was a lot of Reading…picking up the needles and getting new items ready for Rhywbeth Bach…I started Circuit Training and loved it…turns out, my knees don’t…snowy scenes…picking up the camera again…a lot of films; Birdman…Big Sick…Youth in Oregon…Ghostbusters…{the original}…Pirates of the Caribbean…the new Maze Runner at the cinema…along with the biggest packet of strawberry laces…nits…{FFS!}…low clouds making me go that little bit further on walks because, low clouds and chimneys is where it’s at…booking holidays…what January’s are for, yes?!Spring-like days getting me excited for the next Season…and Snowdrops popping up everywhere!

January looked a little like this…

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Lazy Sundays
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
This view from my office window never gets boring…especially when it’s also a hint that hometime is nearly upon us!

February, let’s be having you.

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