Pump o’r Penwythnos

{five from the weekend}

1 :: The Olympics ; apparently, it’s the only thing we can all agree on what to watch right now.

2 :: A Run ; I put it off all morning because of the Olympics…I think it was the Gold and the Bronze in the Skeleton that finally got me off the sofa.  That and the blue skies.

3 :: A Christening…cue refills of tea, giggles with the girls, sandwiches, cake, laughing at how cute your friends’ kids are, more cake…a major balls up with the card and prezzie…there’s a Happy Birthday card going spare if anyone needs one?!…

4 :: …to then even more cake, refills of tea and laughter with Uncle Rich and the crew.  His face when Dad and Rem start talking football and taking the mickey out of each other is something to witness.

5 :: And a new trophy for the fireplace!  Old Lowey only went and got 2nd in his category with the cyclocross, didn’t he?!  ;)

Now it’s your turn, tell me one {or five} good thing{s} from your weekend…GO!

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