{review} Photowall + a discount just for you!

It’s fair to say that we have been in our “new” bedroom long enough to have had something up on the wall, above our bed, before now.  Having decided that I wasn’t going to buy something unless I really liked it, I looked and looked but nothing was grabbing my attention.  I even had a go at making something…but Paul wasn’t that impressed with it, so it’s still sitting in the corner of the room, feeling very sorry for itself…

Fast forward to last month and an email from Photowall popped up, asking me whether I wanted to review one of their products.  I decided there and then, it was going to be something to go above the bed…FINALLY!

Who are Photowall?

We create unique, inspiring wall décor, working with talented photographers and designers from around the world. We offer bespoke wallpapers and canvas prints from our wide range, enabling you to personalise your homes and workplaces.

I was tempted to buying one of the wall murals, but then decided against that as the bedroom wall is very long, would we need a lot or would it look right with just half done?…Either way, it was this one and just look at it…


I know, how Gorgeous?!

I started looking at their prints and then thought hang on, I’ve got all of these photos that I love to take, why not use one of them?!  So I did.

While you’re trying to decide on what to order etc, there is a lot of help on offer;

If you have your own image, perhaps a photo you’ve taken, a picture you’ve found online or an illustration, we can help you to print it as a canvas print. Read more about size and format.

Follow the instructions in the flow on the right to upload your image, have the quality assessed, crop and edit your image and place your order. You can also ask for free personal assistance. Simply send us a message with your requests and instructions, along with your contact details. One of our image editors will get back to you by e-mail with a corrected image. Asking for personal assistance and sending us an inquiry is not a firm order; you place your order once you have received your corrected image. If you’re in a hurry we recommend choosing order directly, as sending us a query prolongs the order process by up to three business days.

Photowall Website

The ordering process was easy but while I was ordering I realised I {Paul} would have to put the canvas print together as it comes with or without the do-it-yourself tenter frame.  Again, help is on hand with this with full instruction online and sent to you with your order.  I decided on the photo of the Llety woods just up the road from ours as I thought the blues and oranges would work well with the colours in our bedroom.

 A few days later…ta da!


The open box on the left?  That’s the box it came in!  The canvas material is 100% cotton and I was so pleased with how my photo turned out on it.

I immediately opened it and told Paul he had another DIY job to do.  Ten minutes later he still had his face in his ipad, probably on Strava… Anyway, I laid it all out just to have a look at what needed to be done…and before I knew it, I was having a go.

Framing the print yourself is easy thanks to our smart Do-it-yourself frame – perfect results every time! The frame is supplied with everything you need to produce a finished canvas print, including fixings for hanging. The frame is 29 mm thick and is available in lengths (increasing in 10 cm intervals) from 40 cm to 150 cm. The canvas itself is pure cotton and of the highest quality.



And it was ridiculous just how easy it was to do!  Who needed Paul?  Sitck with your Strava, pal ;) .  {But not when it comes to actually hanging it up on the wall, because we both know how that ends…}

I think it took me less than 20 minutes to get it ready to hang on the wall.  Like I said, it comes with full, easy, step-by-step instructions.

And this is how it looks on the wall.  I am so pleased with it.  So, a big thank you to Photowall and, of course, to Paul for putting it up…it must have been a quiet day on Strava that day… ;)


Photowall have kindly offered a 20% discount for all you lovely Mascara & Mud readers!  Just put mascaraandmudcampaign2018 where it asks you to Enter the Discount Code.  You’ve got until the 28th February to use the code!  So, Go Go Go!


{serious face: Photowall kindly sent me this canvas for free in return for this review; all words, thoughts and photos are my own…including my Strava-obsessed-husband…he’s all mine too ;)  }

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