Running Diaries – Prepping for the 10k

Between double entendre’s, some misunderstandings and a very flirty ice cream van man on the phone in the office, today has been pretty tip top, thankyouverymuch!

Is this what happens when everyone finally gets some of that sunshine we’ve all been craving?!  Whatever it is, more of that please!  It’s not every day you get a marriage proposal as well as a “How about you give me a backie and I can just sit there and suck the cone?!”…make of that what you will!

Seeing as I signed myself up for a 10k trail run in Llangollen next month…now is probably a good time to actually get out there and get myself ready for it, yes?

Y E S !!

The first run I did after I’d booked myself on the event was…err…a bit shit, really.  I just wasn’t feeling it…so, that was that.  After 2 miles, I was ready for home.  So home I went…followed by the pub…pah!

Since then, they’ve got better and better.  I would say that, I’ve only done 2 runs since!..or maybe there has been a 3rd but it’s not on Strava.  And we all know what they say, if it isn’t on Strava, it didn’t happen!

Monday’s run was a good one though.  4.4 miles of damp weather {I kinda like it when you have to wrap up a bit}, a mixture of road and trail, the killer steps going up through Get Wet and mist still hanging around the hills making it pretty.  The only bad thing was that I’m slowly realising the dog is getting on a bit and was showing signs of tiredness a lot sooner than usual.  Oh Roll…

Recovery was a milky coffee and scrambled eggs on toast – perfect!


Suns’ out…so Bike’s out.  Biking to work is all part of the plan too…the pretty views along the way are a huge bonus and motivator to get me out there…{And let’s not mention preparation for my Benidorm Bod! ha!  NOT that i’m counting down the days or anything…{52!}…}.  And if all bike ride’s are like this morning’s, that’s ok with me.  Blue skies and cute little lambs running around…apart from the squished hedgehog, bless him.

So, I’ve got about 4 weeks to get myself ready.  It’s not a mega distance, I know…but I just want to finish it in a good time.  And seeing as the last time I was running in Llangollen, it ended up with me spewing on my way up to Castell Dinas Bran {it was the morning after the village carnival…}, if I just finish with a smile on my face having enjoyed it, I will be more than happy.

Anyone else I know taking part in the Llangollen 10k or anything similar?!  How’s your training coming along?  Are you laughing at my preparations?!…


2 thoughts on “Running Diaries – Prepping for the 10k

  1. I’ve got a 7 miler on Sunday (argh), and the first mile or so is up a rather steep hill. Tried running up my local hill a few weeks ago as ‘training’, which didn’t entirely go well. My glutes ached for about a week afterwards and I haven’t attempted it again since.

    Instead I’ve been focusing on the fact that the rest of the course will be downhill, haha…

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