{review} When it does what it says on the tin!

Or, in this case, Yes it’s Waterproof.  Yes it’s breathable.  And Yes it’s comfortable, too.  And I rather like it very much.  I mean, it’s only now I’ve started to wear my other jackets since February.  And it’s been worn in all weathers on all occassions too.

Snow Days

There’s that time the Snow came…twice.  There was mention of a Trilogy, but thankfully, it didn’t do much the third time.  I usually love the snow, but by then, I’d had enough of it…{probably had something to do with my Sister’s car sliding into a tree with the two of us in it?!…}

But before then, it was all about the snowy walks, sledging and running down snowdrifts…a good start to testing the jacket out.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

{Wearing THIS Jacket and THIS Hat}



“Whether you’re striding across the highest hilltops or briskly tackling the coastal walks you’ll be wrapped up warm and dry in our Fellmaster Jacket. Not a drop will leak through this advanced, lightweight GORE-TEX® fabric designed to keep the wind out too. Plus, even when you’re powering through harsh conditions you can forget the uncomfortable sweat because the breathable fabric helps to keep you cool and fresh. And with the fully adjustable hood you can make sure you’re never caught short in the rain again. ”  berghaus.

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My Dad and I walked up to “Giat y Mynydd” one morning to check out the snowdrifts and this jacket definitely lived up to it’s promise.  With us having to climb up and over snowdrifts, falling over, rolling around laughing at each other, I definitely felt comfortable the whole time and there were no problems with the movement as it is such a good fit.  The fully adjustable hood came in very handy along those very windy and snowy tops!

It was while we were at the top he told me how his parents used to bring him and his brothers and sisters all the way up here when they were young to play cricket…and then he suddenly let himself fall on the floor and tried to do a Snow Angel shouting “Dyma be ma nhw’n neud, ie?!”  He failed miserably, bless him…but he tried!

Coastal Walks / Family Days Out


This jacket was the one I packed when we headed off on Our Easter Getaway too.  Perfect for those coastal walks, beach strolls and jumping along those beach rocks.   And of course, for those quick cuddle stops…


“When it pours the handy inbuilt drawcord gives a closer fit, to stop draughts ruining your adventure.  Enjoy an even cosier feel with super soft fabric.”




Football Days

This quickly became my go-to jacket for Football Days too.  If you’re going to be stood still {maybe screaming a little if you’re me…!} for a couple of hours AND there’s rain forecast, you pack all the coffee and a good jacket.  Getting wet just ruins it for everyone…win or no win.  This jacket and the fully adjustable hood came in VERY handy on more than one occasion with the football.  Clawddnewydd anyone?!… ;)

And now we’re onto the Summer League…I won’t be needing this jacket then, will I?!…


{serious face;  I was sent this jacket for the purpose of this review.  All words, thoughts and photos are my own…including Dad who, apparently, needs some lessons on Snow Angels next time… Diolch yn fawr iawn to Berghaus and to those who get in touch with similar opportunities}



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