“Is This Real Life?!…”

OR “No, it’s not a hen do…more like a midlife crisis…!” was the other title I was thinking of going with.  Because we said that a few times whilst holidaying in Benidorm too.  But “Is this real life?!“…yeah, that was me.  As we were all sat there on the beach that first morning, a cheeky beer in hand, completely chilled and nobody shouting “Mam!  Gai pethe bara, plis?!” or “Maaaam!  Scratch my back!”…I kept looking around at the rest of the girls and asking “Is this real life?”…  

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Yes!  Yes it was!  And that’s how it was for the next few days.

Benidorm, it was just what we all needed.  It was nervous flight passengers…“Ooh, that was a smooth landing”…”Err, we haven’t landed yet…”…”Ooooh shiiiiiit!”…{Lora}…it was checking into our hotel at around 1.30am and then heading out for a cocktail…laughing deliriously as we remembered all sorts from our childhood…or maybe that was the mojito’s kicking in?!…choir’s singing on the beach in swimwear giving us all the feels…dodgy lifts in the hotel..{I’ve never known a hotel door to take forever to close!!!}…finding an abandoned “madge mobile” and the photo opportunities that came along with it!…love how i just had to look at Jackie and she was there, sat on it ready for the photo…scary seagulls…the most gorgeous beaches…SPANISH ORANGES!…would you believe it, in Spain!…Bon Jovi medley at the Heartbreak Hotel…someone ending up pole dancing…or trying to…more cocktails…ALL THE BOOMERANGS!…{93 in total!}…a great day at Super Aqualand where Sarah “wasn’t ok” and Sian spent her last ride on the slide face down and talking to God, apparently…but, she was still in the correct “safe” position, bless her…nearly losing an arm to a club tout...”is this real life?!”…winning a dance off…Gemma bouncing around and dancing for around 6 hours solid…me falling in a hedge on the way home one night…“No, it’s not a hen do, more like a mid life crisis!”…Becky buying goggles to go in the hotel pool…{and actually wearing them!}…THE OLD TOWN, what a beaut of a place!…baby news while we were there!…an early evening stroll up to the Chapel overlooking the sea…flying home over thunderstorms…“but DON’T tell Sarah…and can you pull the blind down on the window, please?!!”…rose wine and beautiful views…an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness…being there, in that moment with these girls…

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Diolch Benidorm and Diolch Girls, you’re all ace and I’d be lost without you!

…that, or still stuck in that bloody hedge!

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