Pump o’r Penwythnos

{Five from the Weekend}

1 :: Alfie’s HOOOOOOME!!…


…not only is he home from his school activity trip, but he also brought home some new attitude too.  Nice of him.  Home full of stories though…and a new love…no, hang on I wouldn’t quite say love for horses, but I think he sat on one which makes me VERY happy!  Quad bikes were a big hit, too!

2 :: Birthday Celebrations

Not one but two!  Alf turned 11 while he was away with school, so after football Friday evening, the rest of the team came home for some cake…and Mam’s famous quiche and {a lot!} of wine if you were an adult.

…which slowed me down a bit come Saturday’s 40th Birthday Party.  I was home by 9.30pm, wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa watching Love Island The Handmaid’s Tale.  ;)

3 :: The Village Clown

…or one of them, at least.

Signed myself up for the village carnival clown, didn’t I?!

Went home and bought an outfit online STRAIGHT AWAY, didn’t I?!

The reaction I got off Alf, Harry and Billy when I put it on for them?!  Priceless.

4 :: The Lowe Bois

Days spent fishing, giggling, splashing about in the river in Llan with these bois are good days in my book.  Very, very good days.

The pic of Billy above shows him with a worm we found to put on our fishing rod…but everytime I went to hook it on, Billy would squeal “But he’s still wriggling!” making me cry with laughter but also feel very bad for the worm!

More days like this, please!

5 :: …that glass of rose wine after they left!

Joking Bois Bach!  It was all good fun!


{Big up to Benidorm/Jackie for reminding me how much I enjoy a glass of rose!} ;)

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