{Review} The Forbicy JACPACK

This is a post for those of you who like to head out for the day, carrying the minimal but also prepared for the worst…good old rain, and in the words of my favourite comedian, Peter Kay, “that fine rain that soaks you through!”.  It’s more for the bikers but can be used by anyone who likes to walk/hike, run…and fish!  Yes, I wore it fishing once.  I think I was the only one who wanted a bit of rain that day.  Instead, it was blazing hot and I ended up fishing in my bra!  AND I was the only one who came home with a fish that day!  Anyway, we’re not here to talk about my fishing “skills”

The Jacpack!

The Jacpack isn’t just a new solution, it represents the evolution of jacket and backpack functionality. A combination of technical backpack and lightweight waterproof, windproof,  breathable jacket. The Jackpack’s unique launch system allows the user to deploy the jacket with a quick move to cover the body and the backpack in seconds. Ideal for both urban commuter and recreational weekend rider, but also perfect for hiking and running. 


What they don’t tell you about is the urge it gives you to put Wonder Woman on high and throw some shapes!  I have video evidence...{i know…}…check out my Instagram Story highlights…

Having had it a couple of months now, I’ve used it quite a few times.  I’ve biked to work with it.  I didn’t need to deploy the jacket {hello UK Summer 2018, what a beaut it’s been!}…but did I anyway to show everyone in the office?  You bet I did.

The same goes for the fishing trip that I’m not allowed to mention anymore {because apart from my fish, Dewi caught a shoe, Rhys caught some tiddlers, and I think Geth is still waiting for his first catch!…so, it’s a bit of a touchy subject}…I didn’t need to deploy the Jacpack…but did I do it anyway for everyone to see?!  Multiple times?  Mm hmm!

I’ve worn it on a few walks that we’ve done, one that springs to mind was when Alf did his “Antur hefo Alf” project for school.  That time it rained…


And it kept me dry!  Job.  Done.  But, in saying that, it’s such a handy backpack, that it was useful in the hot weather too to carry drinks, snacks, my camera etc.

There are two separate sections to the Jacpack: the main compartment, where you can store your phone, purse, keys etc, and a safety net; plus the docking garage for storing the waterproof jacket separately.  The Jacpack has room to carry two drink bottles as well as a pocket with mesh helmet holder at the bottom of the pack. The net attached to the top of the bag provides external storage for items such as your helmet.

So, plenty of storage, but in a minimalist way, if that makes sense?  When I used it to bike to work, I was able to take the usual phone, keys etc as well as a top and trousers to change into AND  a waterproof jacket if needed, as it was already stored in the bag!

Most of these pics were taken when we headed over to Tal y Llyn Pass to watch the jets coming over…but as we got there, the mist was as thick as and we didn’t think we’d get to see anything.  So, we decided to head up to the top for a walk anyway.  And as you can see, this came in very handy.  The higher we got, the mist got thicker and it got a little colder…but within seconds I had a waterproof/windproof jacket on and didn’t feel like I had carried one up with me.

Now, the price of the Jacpack.  It is expensive and, in keeping in line with my honest reviews on Mascara & Mud, I don’t think I would pay the asking price for it.  It does seem a bit steep BUT I also can’t fault the product AT ALL.  I love the idea of it, how it works {all the LOLS trying to get a video/boomerang of me deploying the jacket!}, I like the colours, the style as well as the fit. It’s just a tad pricey for my budget.

But Yay! for carrying all the essentials and keeping me dry…it just didn’t stop these two from whinging when we said we had a bit further to go…!


After a coffee stop near the top, we made our way down to clear skies and rumours that a hawk engine was on it’s way!  So, we hung around a bit longer to see it fly over before making our way back home to cook up a roast.  A perfect end to a great day.


I’ll let Alf finish this post in true Alfie style…



{serious note: I was sent this Jacpack for the purpose of this review.  All words, thoughts and photos are my own…including that fish I caught THAT day!  Diolch yn fawr to For.bicy  and Freestak for getting in touch, I genuinely love all the opportunities that comes with writing Mascara & Mud…my third baby!}

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