Pump o’r Penwythnos

There’s a lot to be said about a night away in a caravan beside the seaside.  The memories that come flooding back from years ago…the sights {the beach and the seagulls sitting atop every caravan}, the sounds {screams from the fair}, the smells {still not sure what that smell is actually…}…the excited feeling of finally arriving after the God-awful journey where all 4 of us children have thrown up all over poor Mam…{aah, it’ll be the sick I can smell then…}.  Every year I get to reminisce about the family holidays with Mam and Dad on our annual “trip to visit Nain & Taid & bring them home with us”.

And that’s exactly what happened over the weekend…but throw in Low, Elf and their kids too.  Cramped Caravan, anyone?!…And there was the 2p slot machines singing to me…the Donkey Derby that we all took very seriously…and which I won.  TWICE.  But, let’s not mention that on here…and, of course, all the food that Mam cooked.  She’s a feeder, that one…

Here’s 5 Things from our weekend…

1: The Jumping Photos


…or Mam & Dad’s version.  I love how they didn’t even question it when I told them to turn around and jump when I say so.  Dad has obviously been working on his tan on his legs since he retired a few years back too…

2: The Batman


We were definitely the more nervous out of all of us as we watched the Bois make their way around on this roller coaster!  At one point, we all looked at each other and were like “I can’t watch!”…Dad even mumbled “Fuckinhell!” as he watched them which had us all in fits of giggles.  Their faces at the last bit was a picture!

3 : A Girlie Photo


..except the Bois are in it!  Y diawled bach…

4 : This photo…


…because it makes me belly laugh for a number of reasons; Ella’s face!…look how close Alf is behind Owen trying to stay as dry as possible…Robb’s face…they’re all about to get soo wet…I can just imagine all the laugh’s and the squeals as they were going round…

5: Robb’s face in this photo


…because look at it!  All the heart eye emoji’s for him fama, de.

These kids, werth y byd yn gron.

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