Here’s what I know…

It’s been nearly a month since I did anything with the blog…and it all seems a bit new to me…which is weird…because I’ve been doing this for some years now…I think it’s been 9 years altogether…anyway, I can tell I’m not sure what to write about because I keep spinning around on the stool I’m currently sat on in our kitchen.

But here’s what I know…I know that Rolly isn’t himself at all…not sure if he’s hurt himself or just feeling a bit under the weather {for ol’ times sake, shall we blame the weather, Lynn?! ha}…but he’s definitely not right because when I was hoovering just then, he didn’t chase the hoover around or show his teeth if it got too close to him…he didn’t even lift his head when I switched Henry on?!  Oh Roll.  I know that Alf has settled into Ysgol y Berwyn just fine {Diolch i Dduw!}…Robb has changed one of his subjects in 6th form, which is fine!  As long as he’s happy, we’re happy.  I also know that he’s got a serious addiction to trainers…am I showing my age if I say that his fashion is sometimes…err…questionable…but I’m LOVING the confidence that he’s got…and how he’s managed to get me to take him to Birmingham to see his favourite rapper at the end of the month…I know this because I’m trying to be “Cool Mam”…{send help}…I know that Paul has finally got back on his bike, I was getting a bit worried for a while…I know that we’ve just celebrated 13 years as Mr & Mrs Lowe…and ended up in bed with the dog between us…make of that what you will! ha!  I know that the Garnier Skin Active face masks work a treat…by far the best thing about them is giving the Bois a fright every time I’m wearing one.  I know that for the first time in history, I bought some new curtains and they are the right size!  Go me!  Shall I pour a large red to celebrate this?  Yes?…You think so?!  OK THEN!  I know that we’re missing all the good stuff on telly at the moment!  I know this because we watch Gogglebox.  I know that it’s sometimes quite tough to leave the Duds Sunday Afternoons…maybe it was the baby pics…nah, it was the Guinness, wasn’t it?!…

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