Pump Peth // Five Things

1 :: Llyfr Glas Nebo : I’m ashamed to admit this, but this could be the first Welsh book I’ve read since leaving School.  This Prize winning book looks at a Mother and Son’s relationship following a nuclear explosion near where they live, Nebo, and how they have to go back to basics to survive the aftermath…documenting it all in a blue book, hence the name, Llyfr Glas Nebo.   I bloody loved it…I was hooked from the very beginning and so glad this was the one I chose to get me back into reading in Welsh again.  There is one line which has stuck with me, as the mother held her newborn baby for the first time…”Gwych o beth ydi natur ddynol, mor barod i garu’n ddiamod, heb gymhlethdod“.  “human nature is great, so ready to love uncontrollably, without complication”.   If, like me, you are unsure which Welsh book to choose as your first in a long time, this was great because not only was their story told so well, but also very easy to read.

2 :: Harry & Billy Sleeping over : I don’t know what I loved the most about having them here for the night.  Maybe it was the way they greeted me, which is always the same, great big hugs and those gorgeous smiles…or maybe it was all the “please may I…” ‘s…or the snuggles on the sofa watching the x factor…or how much Billy giggles when Rolly licks his face…or Harry’s wonky tooth…whichever, I love it all and how they both stopped over with no fuss what so ever.

3 :: Running : Paul has started coming on runs with me now…wait, wait, wait…I’ll start that again…I’ve started running with Paul now…I’m not the best company to run with…but God Love Him, he still comes with me…I mean, takes me…he lets me be a right grump…he pushes me…I mean I nearly punched him a few times because of it…but, he pushes me…he knows me…He’s a star.

But, friggin’ hell, please no more of the big hills!!  I’m much better company on the way down… ;)

4 :: Scarlxrd…{don’t worry, I didn’t know who they were either} : I didn’t think that at the age of 16, I’d still be looking at Robb and going “Aww! Look at his face!“…but Friday night, as he came out of the 02 Academy after seeing Scarlxrd, drenched to the bone in his own sweat, absolutely buzzing and with the biggest smile on his face, I thought “Aww!  Look at his face!”.  And then realised, just how much like his Dad he really is… The whole “can’t we just go to Manchester, Robb?” debate, me painting his nails black on the way there and missing-the-train-at-Shrewsbury incident on the way home, was all worth it just to see Robb and his mates together and listen to them talking about it all on the train home, all on an absolute high.  Such a great group of friends.

5 ::  It’s the 1st of October! : My favourite month {after birthday month, obvs!}.  Chunky scarves, big boots and all the colours.  I love it all!


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