Being Mam…

Alf loves nutella on toast topped with grapes.  GRAPES.  I mean who does that?!  Well, obviously I do, because I make it, {because kids…because bois}...but grapes?! *shakes head*

Anyway, Being Mam, It’s agreeing to Robb’s friends staying over to watch the McGregor fight…only to be still paying for it a few days later {I feel I could sleep for a week!…or am I just ready to hibernate?!}…it’s heading out in the car and not being able to find Alf when it’s dark and he should be home…*panic a little {a lot}*…only to find him playing happily over the fence…but he knew because he shouted “Mam?…sooooorrry!” back at me over the fence…STILL NO BLOODY SCHOOL BUS PASS!…or homework, come to think of it?!…“ALFIE?!!!!!”…it’s “Mam, ydi top scarlxd fi yn glân?”…”Beth am y jeans ‘ne?”…”Beth am top scarlxd?”…”Beth am yr sannau gwyn ‘ne?”...”Beth am hwn, Robb, dyro nhw yn y wash basket and we’ll see pal!”…all the rap music on loud…all the Alfie singing on loud…“Mam! Dwi’n rili hoffi gwersi drama!”…any guesses who that is?!…a drop by drop {literally!} remake of one’s squits…nice…completing application forms for a trip to Patagonia {well jel}…Questions re the Berwyn UFO…

All the usual stuff and so much more.

Bois Bach de chi werth y byd…a mwy.

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