A Slow Saturday

I’m not going to sit here and tell you all {again!} how much I love Barmouth…but errmagod I LOVE BARMOUTH

^^ …like THIS much! ^^

These views and a good ol’ bag of fish and chips…perfect.

Family Portraits {with a missing/working husband…and a squished dog…soz Roll, no idea what I’m doing to you here…} are obviously our thing…

Also, I forgot how annoying a fringe is when it’s very windy…

Never not at the beach without them.

Robb & Rolly; The Funniest Love / Hate Relationship

…not sure if that’s something to shout about…but hey, well done you! 

Yes I raced the bois up here and Yes I won.  #justsaying

{I just couldn’t speak for a few minutes afterwards…}

…til next time!

PS – I’m pretty certain that the Bois Bach were just pleasing me when they agreed to go..Diolch Bois, de chi werth y byd a mwy! X

PPS Barmouth, We Love You!

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