Wreath Making Workshop @ Rivercatcher, Llandrillo

I can’t believe this was a week ago now?!  Why does everything seem to be whizzing by so fast?! {That’ll be the parties…}  At this rate, it’s going to be Christmas Day within the blink of an eye…ARGH!!  No thanks…I’m still not quite ready!  {I mean, I’ve got a few more parties to attend first!!…}

Let’s rewind back to last Monday evening.  To the Wreath Making Workshop at Rivercatcher, Llandrillo.  We were greeted by our lovely host for the evening, Jen and a big ol’ glass of the most delicious mulled wine on arrival. 

“Embrace the festive season by joining our first wreath making workshop at Rivercatcher. Sioned Rowlands from Tulip floral designs, Ruthin will teach you how to make a festive wreath. Sioned also presents a Welsh gardening programme on S4C and holds regular flower design courses.

You will create your own garden inspired wreath using woodland materials, scented festive foliage, berries, fruit and luxurious velvet ribbon, perfect to adorn and welcome guests over the Christmas period. Festive refreshments of mulled wine and mince pies will be served.

You will be provided with all of the things you need to make your wreath.”


And it was all laid out on the table waiting for us.  We all had our own wreath base which was made of straw, {a first for me as in the past I’ve always used wire and moss}, luscious green foliage like leylandii, snippets of Normandy Christmas tree and ivy berries, some florist wire and scissors…not forgetting some extra room for that big ol’ glass and some mince pies!  

Getting there…

Sioned would demonstrate what we needed to do at each stage…and always managed to make it look so easy!  I found this stage of the process {gather, bunch and wrap!} very therapeutic…maybe it was the wine?!…or a combination of both?!

Can you see how it’s all coming together in the middle pic?

After securing all of our foliage together..and adding more here and there to fill it out…{and maybe some huffing and puffing from one or two people!}…we were then ready to decorate our wreath!

There was a great selection of dried oranges, pine cones, ribbons all colours and sizes…and some shirts! 

I was that person and found myself saying “I don’t know if I want to add anymore to it or not…” but once I’d started, I couldn’t stop!

I thought I’d finished as I knew I didn’t want a bow on mine…but then Sioned showed me how some ribbon hanging from the bottom would work without having a big bow.  It worked, I was soon cutting up her husband’s shirt without a care in the world.

This was when I knew I was definitely done with mine…and then looked around to see that everyone else were finishing off their wreaths too.

What amazes me at workshops like this is that even though we all started with the same materials, they all looked different!  Some were really full, some were ‘wispy’, others had the biggest bow, some had more than one ribbon etc but each and every one of the wreaths were absolutely gorgeous!  

See for yourself in the following Gallery…

To be sat around one huge table, with a lovely group of women, some mulled wine and Michael Buble doing his thing in the background makes for a lovely evening.  My favourite kind of evening.  {More of these please, people!}

The Gang!

Diolch yn fawr iawn to Jen and Sioned for a lovely evening.

Same time next year?!…

Isn’t she lovely
Isn’t she wonderful
Isn’t she precious

…altogether now… ;)

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