Cadair Bronwen

For the second weekend in a row, Saturday night we found ourselves child free. I know…Whaaaat?!  This rarely happens once let alone twice in a row!  The first weekend this glorious occasion happened, we let Alexa join us in the kitchen, reminisced over some good old tunes, sang rather badly and drank a little too much.

The second child free Saturday night we were in bed before 10pm with plans to get up extra early on the Sunday.  Those 2 Saturday nights couldn’t have been any more different…

Paul tried his very best to wake me up at 5.30am…but I wasn’t having any of it.  So, a 6am start it was to get up to the top of Cadair Bronwen by sunrise.

It was still pitch black when we left the house, so head torches were needed as we left the village.  One or two sheep could have done with a head torch too judging by the way one ran straight into a post as we approached them.

The colours as we made our way up past Cylch Cerrig were something else!  All the pinks, reds and purples! 

Within no time head torches were removed and the camera was out!

The higher we went, the deeper the snow…and the bigger the icicles!

Two and a half hours later, one mars bar and a banana, we were approaching the summit of Cadair Bronwen, a mountain which forms part of the Berwyn summits, including Cadair Berwyn {which is also on our hit list!}.  

A range of mountains right above the village where we live…and this is the first time I’ve been up Cadair Bronwen in my 37 years…siomedig really, but yay to finally doing it!

A well earned coffee and these views…how I like my Sundays. Or any day come to think of it!

There’s Paul ahead of me…as he was for most of the way up.

{Maan, the top of my legs knew about it on Monday!}

“Waw! It’s all just so pretty up here!” me, about 100 times.

…ten minutes later, we were at the top!

Paul…and Rolly…cocking up his leg…

Can you see how happy I am?!…Oh…well, I am! I’d had coffee by now too.

Cadair Bronwen Summit, Snow and the Sunrise, perffaith!

For info and for those of you interested, here’s how Strava logged it…and no, we definitely didn’t bike it up there.

We’ll be seeing you soon, Mr Berwyn!

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