5 o’r penwythnos

*Blows away the cobwebs and gets on it again…*

1 :: Hashtag Authentic: Finding creativity and building a community on Instagram and beyond

Nothing like a new book to get you all excited about photography (or whatever your jam is!), is there? I’ve been eyeing up this book ever since it’s release a few weeks back and I’m so glad that I decided to order it the other evening. It arrived just in time for the weekend…a weekend where it was just mostly myself and Alf, so with him out most of the time, I’ve found myself picking it up at every chance I got. Which was a lot of the time. Which was very, very nice. (I need to keep reminding myself of that last sentence…). Full of Sara’s gorgeous photos, words of wisdom and tasks to get you thinking of your photos/creativity etc, for just under a tenner, it’s a bloody bargain!

I text Paul during one task as I was struggling with what I was passionate/get ranty about. His response hit the nail on the head…also there was cheese and wine mentioned too…ha.

2 :: Filling Teapots up with flowers.

Yes, here we are again. It’s Spring and I tell myself over and over how THIS IS THE YEAR I become a gardener. If stuffing flowers into Teapots makes me one, then I’m here for it!

3 :: Clothes on the Line.

Is there anything better than getting into bed when the bed sheets have been on the line ALL DAY? NO THERE ISN’T!

No, YOU’RE showing your age!

4 :: Pancakes

We’re easily pleased around here. Especially on Sundays. Sundays we snuggle while Mam flips pancakes.

5 :: Lleisiau’r Afon

Sunday we were treated to not only pancakes, but Afternoon Tea and the gorgeous Lleisiau’r Afon singing to us while we washed another scone down with a paned. They were absolutely brilliant and left a few of us wondering why hadn’t we joined a choir yet?! Well done to all involved, great afternoon and lovely to see so many there to watch some good friends sing their hearts out. Girls, you were ace! *Groupie over here!*#

Basically, it’s all about the simple things…book, food, nice weather (and bedsheets) and a good sing-song, what else do you need?! What you been up to?

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