Planning an Outdoor Day out with Kids?

Summer is a great time to show kids the wonders of the great outdoors. When planning an outdoor day out with young kids, why not try some of these ideas?

Have a day out at the beach

Wherever you are in the UK, you’re never too far from the coast. A day out by the coast could be perfect on a hot summer’s day – and cheap. You can build sandcastles, swim in the sea, hunt around in the rockpools for crabs and perhaps even take a visit to the local pier and try some of the amusements.

Here’s one from when we visited Barmouth

Visit a fairground/theme park

There could be a temporary or permanent fairground in your area that could be perfect for a hot summer’s day. A theme park could be another option if you want a bigger range of rides – this could be more expensive and you may want to focus on theme parks that are catered specifically to young kids.

Here’s a post from a day out we had last year:

Go kayaking

Kayaking can be a great family activity on a hot summer’s day. Many companies offer family kayaks that allow you to share a kayak with your kids (expect to do most of the hard work). By going with a kayak company, you’ll be given life jackets, however you may still want you child to be a confident swimmer before trying this activity.

Here’s our thoughts on our very first go with our inflatable kayaks

Have a picnic in the woods

A trip to your local woods can be a great adventure for kids. It can be a chance to spot local wildlife, play hide & seek and build dens. You could plan to stop somewhere scenic and have a picnic. It’s a great day out if you’re on a budget.

See animals at a children’s farm

There could be a children’s farm in your area that could be perfect for young kids. As well as being able to get close up to many animals, there may be other activities here such as play areas and tractors that you can ride. Some farms may have membership cards that give you unlimited access – they’re usually much cheaper than zoos.

Take a trip to the zoo

On the topic of zoos, these are also great outdoor days out. It could be a chance to see some of your kids’ favourite animals from lions to elephants. Look out for scheduled shows throughout the day – if your local zoo has sea lions, this show can be great for kids.

Explore history at a castle

If there’s a castle with driving distance of you, this could be a fun day out with kids. Over summer, some castles may even put on medieval displays such as jousting matches or battle reenactments – these can be very fun days out for kids and are worth looking out for.

Here’s a post from when we visited Chirk Castle

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