Seaside 70th Celebrations!

Try saying that after a few…!

The weekend started with a seagull pinching Dad’s Ice Cream not long after he arrived…and finished with another swooping down and pinching Owen’s Ice Cream, causing scary yet hilarious hysteria as we all ran around each other in circles ducking…diving…screaming, while more seagulls swooped down on us resulting in one hitting Geth on his head and grabbing Theo’s ice cream.

Other than the nasty seagulls and ice creams, Llandudno was full of laughs and we’re all so glad that this is how we decided to celebrate Dad turning 70. Even if he is still recovering from the shock of it all…!

It went a little like this…we tied a couple of helium balloons onto the birthday boy’s belts…you know, just so everyone knew…we sang and laughed along with a local singer, Tudur, on the Friday night….played all the games/lost all of our money at the arcades…trapped balloons in toilet doors…partied in our hotel rooms…slept in, much to Dion’s disgust, ha!  “You’d all be up at 6.30am if I was in the same room as you!”…he’s not even joking…walked along the pier after a big breakfast…spent/lost even more money at the arcades….toasted Dad…sat and had a picnic and watched people go down on the toboggan ride…sipped an ice cold white wine while the kids played crazy golf…had the most amazing food at Dylan’s!…toasted to Dad a few more times!…late night hotel door dramas!…watched, danced, clapped and sang along to a Queen tribute show at The Venue…before we danced, clapped and sang all night in the Duds on the Sunday evening!

Llandudno, you were ace, diolch!

Dad, you’re a star, all 70 years of you! Caru Ti! X

Now for waayyyy too many pics…but that’s how I roll! 😘

They Love Taid!


If you got this far, well done! Diolch to all of you who came to the Duds on Sunday too – I think it’s fair to say everyone had a great night! XX


fucking things…!

2 thoughts on “Seaside 70th Celebrations!

  1. Thanks for the visual trip to my favorite coastal town. Warmed my heart to see it. Happy birthday, Pops!

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