Running Diaries

I’m not sure if it was the feeling unfit {or was it my age?!} at a football match the other evening, but over the weekend I woke up wanting to go for a run. I was a bit restless and trying to get housework done and just couldn’t. Every time I folded a t-shirt from the tumble dryer, I was thinking “you COULD be out running instead…”. And let’s be honest…anything is better than bloody hoursework! I think the dog was having the same thoughts as he was being a right pain in the backside and kept trying to trip me up, it was like he was stuck to my ankles and looking at me saying “really?” when I went to empty the dishwasher…

So, off we went. I’ve said it before, but a lot of the time I’m more excited for the photo opportunities whilst out running than the actual run itself. But, whatever gets you out there…am I right?!

There’s not really much to report from this run as it was early on a Saturday morning, no one was about, no dead squirrels on the road to count and report back, that sounds weird now I’ve typed it…just a nice 3.5mile run with a good playlist…and of course, the beautiful Welsh countryside.

But I got out and did it.

Which can’t be said for this morning…doh.

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