30 hours in London!

This time last week, I was sat in a very nice bar in London with Katy about to try my very first Dark and Stormy {or Dark and Stormzy like I keep wanting to say…} Cocktail. I’m now like “Mojito Who?!”…

It was just the short trip we both needed…a train picnic with a {slightly luke warm} Pinot Grigio…Les Miserables at the Gielgud Theatre {which was absolutely lovely inside and out!}…I can’t believe I actually got to see it!…I cried, of course I did, but at completely different times to when I’ve watched the film, which just goes to show how different people singing a song affects you…Carrie Hope Fletcher aka Fantine, blew me away when she sang I Dreamed a Dream…and was just so lovely when we met her briefly afterwards {and Katy got to hand her a gift!}…I met some rapper called Aitch {or should that be, pushed myself through some teenage girls to get “a selfie for my son!”} when I really thought they were getting excited over a famous footballer…got really excited when C H Fletcher mentioned Katy and myself in her instagram stories!…Thank God Katy was already sat on the toilet when I told her…haha…met up with our cousin who is managing a bar in London called Lockhouse…great food, great wine and great, great company…had a Dark and Stormzy 😉…tried to read when I got to bed, but don’t think I managed a single page…ate brunch with leaves falling all around us, reminding me that Autumn is soo close!…watched some woman line dance to herself…strolled over to Buckingham Palace…strolled some more…went on the London Eye and has some champers afterwards…got familiar with the Underground…got a little too excited about an afternoon tea deal we’d got on Groupon, only to arrive on the 42nd floor to find out we were too late!…we then found ourselves sat in a lovely Italian with wine, bread, olives, mozzarella etc…every cloud and all that…

Diolch, London. Diolch, Katy.

The Lion King we said for next year, yes?!

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