Get Outdoors Before The Summer Is Over!

All we ever seem to hear people talking about at the minute is how summer is nearly over. As soon as we hit September the 1st, it’s like any summer vibe just washed away and we all start thinking about new school term, chunky knits and cozy nights in. But just because the months are changing, it doesn’t mean the seasons are just yet, and there are a few precious weeks left for us to enjoy before the nights draw in. So if you feel like you’ve still got something to give this Summer, I’m going to give you some great ideas that should get you enjoying the outdoors. Whether it be some sort of activity, or just enjoying what’s left of the summer sun, you’ll regret doing nothing at all! So gather your family and friends, get some ideas together between you all and this post and see what you’d like to try out!

Pick Up A New Hobby

If there’s one thing your life is probably truly missing, it’s doing something that you just enjoy. Having your own space and time to go and do a hobby that you’ve taken up, because it’s your own little thing. I think having a hobby is so important, and now is the best time to take one up.

At 38 years of age, I’ve just signed on to my very first football team with Corwen Ladies FC, so there’s always time for a new one! ha!

One that so many love giving a go in the summer, is horse riding. Man or woman, horse riding and getting out in the open on a beautiful day is just so good. It becomes such an addicting hobby for many, that they purchase their own horse so they don’t have to do it through a riding school. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, because the keen interest in horses is already there, you’d need to look into mobile field shelters, maintenance equipment, riding equipment, the lot. It would be an expensive hobby to take up, but if this is something you’re passionate about, why not just go for it and spend your money on something you love!

A Family Fun Day Out

The kids have most likely gone back to school now, or they’re soon to go back and your life will calm down a little bit. But just because the summer holidays are now over, it shouldn’t mean that the fun has to stop. Whilst the weather is still mild, plan a big family fun day at the local park. You could take a big picnic, loads of games to play like cricket or rounders, and you could just make your own fun. It’s far better to do this now, as it won’t be long until it’ll be too cold to do!

Do Up The Garden Before It’s Too Late!

Have I mentioned my very own grown sweet peas to you yet?! If I haven’t, THEY SMELL AMAZING! ;)

Your garden might need a little spruce up, and now is definitely the time before the cold comes and it becomes hard to maintain. So think about planting a few plants to bring some autumn colour in. An Autumn themed garden with warm glowing colours is just going to look so pretty, and doing a bit of gardening gets you outdoors and soaking up the last of the sun!

Can you think of any more? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s to finding the best of the last bit of Summer and to enjoying it all!

Diolch am darllen, Cer x

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