The One with the affair…

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big dreamer and always remember them. They fascinate me a little. Like, why dream of something so random?! Or about someone you haven’t seen in ages, only for them to get in touch not long after?! Weird…a little creepy maybe…definitely fascinating. Anyway, I must have been dreaming really hard early the other morning, as I woke up and oh mam bach, I was fuming*. And as much as I tried to shake it off and go back to sleep, I. Just. Couldn’t. Laughing at myself, I decided to go make a coffee and happened to look out of the window to see the most loveliest of sights.

A blanket of mist over the village and the top of the Church sitting there above it all…looking all sexy and whispering “Come on, Cer…get outside…you know you want to…”

So, I grabbed my camera, a flask of coffee and the dog…well, I didn’t grab him, he was just doing that annoying thing of trying to trip me up so that I didn’t forget about him…Oh Rolls…and sometimes…FFS ROLLY!…and off we went.

We walked up, through and above the mist and I was reminded just how beautiful nature is…and why you shouldn’t head out in sandals and no socks on a misty September morning… #freezingtoes

Llandrillo, you beauty!

All of this to tell you that my favourite time of the year has arrived and I couldn’t be happier about it!!

*Oh my dream? It was Paul, he was having an affair. How ridiculous?!! I messaged him at one point with a photo of the view saying “I woke up angry because of you, but this is my view now, so thanks for that!”…

As ever, moral of my story? Head outside, I ALWAYS feel better for it!

Excited for everything that comes with this time of year – the frosty cobwebs, the leaves, mornings like this one, conkers!, all the chunky knits…but your spiced pumpkin latte malarkey…nah, dim diolch.

I’m intrigued…do you always remember your dreams?!

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