Revamping the Family Dinners

A family meal is a staple of our family life. Breakfast, we all tend to do our own thing…but come tea time, I like us all to be together.  I make something tasty {80% of the time anyway…!} and wholesome for these Bois of mine  and then we all sit down together to enjoy food as a family. A spark of conversation here, a bit of laughter there, a disagreement or two and you all feel a bit more enriched as a result.  What’s even more of a result it getting them to wash up etc after tea so that I don’t have to!  Even managed a little nap after tea last night – bloody marvellous!

But now that summer’s been and gone, and we’re spending a lot more time indoors, you might want to dress the place up a little! And seeing as that’ll take a bit of effort here and there, you’re going to want to start small and easy. So why not start with the family dinners you like to have, even just from time to time? There’s quite a few ways you can make them a bit fancier! 

Use Wine Glasses

Even if there’s no wine to be poured {SAY WHAT?!!}, and all you have is a jug of water and a bit of juice to go around, you can use wine glasses to just feel a bit fancier…{or to actually drink your wine from 😉 }.   It feels like a lot of fun, and it’s completely harmless, and the kids are going to love feeling like a posh grownup for the evening. Use your best fancy accents to talk to each other, and even take it a step further by dressing up, especially if your little one has a costume chest to make use of!  Actually, Paul does have an Elf costume somewhere in the attic…

Buy Some Expensive Napkins

Of course, when you’re eating dinner surrounded by younger {that’ll be you Bois Bach} and older people alike {and that’ll be you Paul}, your table mates can get some very grubby fingers and very messy mouths {again, that’s you Paul}.  Usually you could just grab a bit of tissue or a wet wipe to clean them up, but what about using some more expensive napkins, just the once? If you’re eating together for the first time in ages, or you’re eating for a special occasion, this would absolutely rock.  Napkins only ever happen on Christmas Day at ours, so therefore would definitely feel that little bit extra glam!

And even easier for you, you can grab some restaurant quality napkins right here – they’re durable, look rather nice, and will make your dinner table top look all the more fancy for just one night this week. And you can save the rest of the pack for occasions like Christmas or Easter! 

Cook Something Very Fancy! 

And finally, why not cook something a little more upmarket? If you manage to dig a cookbook out, and find something you know everyone in your family is going to love, why not go the extra mile and make it with love?  I gave Paella a go for the first time the other evening, it was bloody lovely, if I do say so myself!  Will definitely be doing that again.  If you don’t have your grandma’s old cookbook in the back of a drawer somewhere, the BBC website has a whole section dedicated to easy but impressive recipes. I genuinely use this all of the time!  It’s soo handy.  And a lot of the recipes are picky/fussy eater friendly…perfect for Alf. 

If you’re someone who likes family dinners in the evening, why not change things up a little? After all, it’s a lot more fun, and something different for the week, and the kids are going to love it!…failing that, fill that wine glass to the top and ENJOY!

All images found at Unsplash.

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