Oswestry Climbing Den

I have been saying for a while that I wanted to give indoor bouldering/climbing a go.  I have also been trying to attend one of Chelsea’s Social Gatherings since she started them, but kept failing to get there for one reason or another.  So when I saw that Chelsea was holding one of her evenings at the Oswestry Climbing Den {with the promise of Hot Chocolates and Mince Pies!}…I booked some tickets and got us all there.

Ever fancied attending a similar event yourself but never too sure who/what to expect?!  Well, worry no more as it was a really nice mix of people – Alfie’s age upwards to adults.  And seeing as it was an introduction to bouldering, everyone was new-ish to it.

We started off with an introduction/demo/health and safety briefing from Tara and then we all had a go on the easiest of levels – everyone in turn having a go going up and down.

And then onto the next level, a little bit more challenging.  And then the next and so on.  But all the while, Tara made us feel completely at ease and helped us out / encouraged us when needed.  She also made it look very easy!

I didn’t have high hopes {HA! Get it?!} for Alf as he’s not really a fan of heights…but OMG! He completely surprised me!  He was the first in line at each wall/level and would get up to the top in no time! 

G’wan Alf!

Robb was the same and when they were given the option to either continue with the group or go off and do their own thing, aka freestyle…they were off.


I was really getting into it…I won’t lie, there were times when I was at the top and I could feel my heart rate going really fast and would think to myself “Shiiiit!  I need to get down now!” but seeing as the Bois were off doing their own thing, I got to hang out {literally!} with the women who were also new to it and between us all we helped each other out and pushed each other on.

I seem to remember Tara saying something like “I doubt you will do the full 2 hours…” and I remember thinking at one point, “What?! This is great!  Of course I will!”…and then an hour passed and I was trying to climb one part of the wall when my arms started shaking and just. Gave. Up. On. Me. 

Oooh, I see what she was on about now.

So I sat there with my coffee and mince pie for some time.  Watching the Bois thinking “How the hell are they still going?!”.

I was really struggling with one part of the wall…and bloody hell was I determined to conquer that part before we left…



A massive Diolch to Tara at the Oswestry Climbing Den and to Chelsea for arranging the evening! We really, really enjoyed it…the bois haven’t stopped talking about it and my arms STILL know about it!

Here’s the website for the Oswestry Climbing Den

…and search for “Loving Life in Wellies” on Facebook for Chelsea’s facebook page for more information on other events she will be hosting!

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