Running Diaries

Hi, Hello, Shw mae?! Have we all survived Christmas?! Seeing January as a fresh new start to the New Year/Decade?! Or just seeing it as dreary old January?…Either way, it’s yours to do whatever the hell you want with it, right? RIGHT.

I thought I’d give RedJanuary a go…it started well for the first few days. Although the 1st January doesn’t count, does it? No. I thought it would be not only great for me but would also get me going/moving. It hasn’t really happened e v e r y day though… Although, does cleaning the house/ironing count? Technically, I’m still moving/being active…But Paul and I did go to our first yoga session together the other evening, I would’ve loved to have seen his face when we were doing the whole laying down and zoning out bit at the end…but due to being late, we weren’t next to each other. Gutted.

Oh well. I told myself last night I was going to head out for a run this morning. And I actually did…even after that second glass of wine last night.

I had half an hour as we’re heading out for the day soon, so it was a quick loop up and around the village.

Nothing major to report other than I forgot how much faster I move when Sigma are playing loud in my ears and I just want to stop and bust some moves when Kelly Marie, Feels Like I’m in Love comes on! Oh, and I’m nowhere near as fit as I’d like to be. But, tell me something I don’t know.

Miles : 3.

No of birds that nearly flew INTO MY FACE: 1

Fave Bit? Coming home to Alf opening the door “Welcome Home, Mother!”. Love him.

Recovery: Disco in the Shower.

Any running Playlists to recommend?

2 thoughts on “Running Diaries

  1. Happy new year. Where you live is enchanting! Love these little glimpses. I laced up my running shoes over xmas after not running for ages, and I am not overly fast anymore, but I do love being out in nature shuffling along at my slow pace. Sorry, no running playlists to recommend as I don’t listen to music when I’m running. Hope you keep it up (more photos please)!

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