5 o’r Penwythnos

{5 from the weekend}

1 :: The weekend started off with a run...I screamed…and I disco’d afterwards!

2 :: We then headed to the Oswestry Climbing Den again. Paul came this time too and took to it like he’d been there before and not us. My arms know about it…it hurst when I change gear in the car…and when I go to grab something from the top cupboard…and when I tried to cut up the pie earlier for tonight’s tea…

3 :: After climbing, we headed to Shrewsbury to meet up with family. I’m not sure what I loved most, the homemade cheesecake, Harry & Billy’s giggles, Katy and I getting creative together {the pic in this post is one of the many results!}…OR

4 :: Nando’s…delivered! That is all.

5 :: Football; we only went and bloody won! 4-0! Go Corwen Ladies!

Now it’s your turn, tell me one of your highlights from the weekend…Go!

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