Postcards from Bristol

Well where the hell did the rest of January and then most of February go?! Like everyone else says, January always feels like it’s got 348 days and then February feels like 10?! Weird.

So with the first half term of 2020 upon us, we headed to good ol’ Bristol, which never lets us down! The bois love it there, we love it there, we have the best of friends who live there, so it it’s a win-win situation.

It’s usually an Annual Trip but we didn’t get to go last year and Alf and I had gone there one year without Robb, which he has never let me forget.  So with everything arranged, all of us packed and ready, off we went.

It was full of the usual shenanigans as you would expect with one of your very best friends. 

Bristol. It went a little bit like this. A-very-quick-park-visit-because-of-the-biting-cold-wind…cute puppy dogs…graffiti…laughter…pale ale’s and very expensive crisps…the best Chinese food…more wine…DOBBLE!…a visit to Norah’s Salon where she painted my nails and gave me a bit of a makeover…the best 6 year old around…I mean a salon where there was wine, I could choose the music and we had a little goss, magic!…Cara trying to convince Robb that Bristol Uni was for him…more wine and more DOBBLE!…the first trip where we enjoyed a pint with Robb…the first trip in a while where the 4 of us slept in the same room…which lead to fart giggles in bed…train track building for Paul…vintage shop browsing…ice cream shop visits…Raspberry macaron filled with raspberry sorbet…seriously tasty pizza…Champions League Football and a pub visit for some of us…Pyjama and The Brit Awards Party for the rest of us…although we couldn’t get the Brit Awards on Cara’s telly so it turned into a Pyjama and Little Britain Party…Paul and Norah suddenly became a duo and no one could get a look in…more wine…more laughter…a lovely trip finished off with a lovely breakfast and of course, DOBBLE!

My one regret from the whole time we were there? I didn’t get anywhere near enough pics of us all together!

Diolch Massive to the Parry’s for having us – as ever, we laughed and laughed and can’t wait til next time!

A parcel arrived for us the next day…can you guess what was in it?!

DOBBLE! Diolch Cara! X

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