Aldi's Knit a Friend Kit

I’ve been tempted to knit something other than a hat or a blanket ever since I got the hang of knitting…well, there was that one time I tried to make myself a chunky cardigan, but it didn’t really turn out right…

So, when I was kindly gifted this Knit Kit one Christmas, you’d have thought I would have jumped at the chance to start. Instead, I let it sit in the corner of the room, looking very sorry for itself for a whole year.

I can’t remember what prompted me to pick it up when I did…but it was a good move.

The So Crafty Kit includes everything you need to make your Bear; Yarn, Stuffing, Needles, Darning Needle and the Instruction Leaflet.

Coffee freshly made, everything laid out, I made a start. I’m not sure if it was me and the tension or the needles…but I did have to re-start a couple of times. I ended up using some sturdier needles of my own and these seemed to work a bit better. And then I was off!

(Spot the price tag still on the box…that’s when you know the Mother-In-Law has wrapped it! ha – Good ol’ Gwen!)

I’m not a fan of complicated instructions…but these were simple enough. And the abbreviations I wasn’t sure of, I simply googled it or watched someone explain it through video. Easy.

The more coffee…and wine (obvs)…I drank, more limbs, ears etc were made. And then it time to stuff him, sew him up and put him together!

Are you ready?! He’s not perfect…but that’s what’s so loveable about him!

Look at him…just chilling on the sofa…

Aah, It’s the small things in this weird/anxious world we find ourselves living in at the moment, isn’t it?

Maybe this could be something you give a go yourself, seeing as we find ourselves staying home more as the days go by? Guess what’s next on my hit list? Yes, a chunky cardigan…I will get it right this time!

I’m so pleased with myself for actually finishing my very own bear, there have been so many other projects that have been half done then discarded over the years…there’s a cross stitch kit that I started for my Dad for his 50th lying around somewhere…and he turned 70 last June! I know, shocking!

Stay Safe Everyone! x

{serious face: like i said before, this kit was a Christmas Gift and there’s no paid content here, all images and words are my own…including that dusty cross stitch kit which is probably under my bed somewhere…}

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