Debuting the err…Debut.

I thought I’d give this another go. My last attempt at knitting myself an item of clothing (other than a hat or a snood…) ended up with me unravelling it all…to only go and make myself a bloody snood out of it!

So, I’m making full use of the lockdown to make myself a big “luxurious fantastic cardigan/jacket”, known as Debut, from this book…otherwise I’m just going to continue to eat and sleep my way through it all.

So far, I’ve knitted the back and the front. On size 15mm needles, it’s super soft and chunky. Then it’s the sleeves and then to seam it all together. Wish me luck. No, I really mean it! Please do!

A big ol’ chunky cardigan. I can’t think of anything better for cute baby snuggles come the Autumn/Winter months.

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