pregnant during a pandemic

Yeah, pregnant during a pandemic. Whodathunkit?! Or just pregnant anyway!?

We’re into the sixth month now and here’s how it’s been up until today… First came the shock. Then the tears. And then all the hormones…keeping the milk under the sink with the bleach {?!}…and the mince where we keep the kitchen foil {is this what they call baby brain?!}…naps, oh Mam Bach these have been just some of the best naps EVER!…hiding the bump when family visited the garden…all the emotions…having to go to scan appointments alone…and crying throughout the whole second one as it was just such a lovely and happy time, but still sad that Paul couldn’t come with me…finding out we’re having a little girl!…it’s like it was meant to be…getting used to the new normal that we find ourselves in…and really flipping struggling with it all some days…determined to read more than one or two pages of a book because of said amazing naps…Alf not leaving my side for 2 whole days once we told him and Robb…bless him…doing really well to not buy ALL THE CUTE TIGHTS AND OUTFITS straight away…but I may have bought her Christmas Day Outfit…it was the reindeer tights that made me do it!…soo grateful for the paddling pool we bought during that very hot spell we had early on during lockdown…eerily quiet hospital visits…cute baby kicks…no cravings…no sickness…but urghmagod, restless legs keeping me awake {anyone know of anything I can do to ease it?!}…trying on those dungarees I remembered I had in the wardrobe…and couldn’t close them…having to stop my running as it just got weird and hilarious…but still heading out for walks…definitely heading out for walks when there is promise of cake!…finding out all about hypnobirthing…and laughing to myself when they suggest Paul should repeat affirmations to me!…relief as well as a bit of anxiety when lockdown is eased…feeling so happy, ever so slightly chunky and really, really grateful for everyone and everything.

Here’s to the next 4 months!

2 thoughts on “pregnant during a pandemic

  1. bloody wonderful cerys, am over the moon for you all and Life will never be quite the same again… *(just sayin) x

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