Life Recently…

It’s a Bank Holiday Weekend. In fact, it’s the last one of 2020. {I had to google that to make sure…that’s how much my brain has switched off this year}. Not that any of them have made much difference to many of us this year. Got any exciting plans? We’re off to the Lake to test out the new kayak. Well, I say we…Paul and Alf are going to test it, I’m planning on paddling, snacking and reading. Perffaith.

So, life recently…I turned 39 {t h i r t y n i n e!} and celebrated with a day of doing absolutely nothing before filling my face at Ty Gwyn in Betws y Coed – absolutely marvellous!…Robb did well in his A Levels, got a place at his choice of University and then turned 18!…SOO PROUD! We celebrated with family and Robb got what he wanted for his birthday – a pint in the Duds!…While the rest of us watched Paul celebrate like it was HIS 18th…A week later and the balloons are still stuck to the living room wall, as well as all of the cute photos of Robb growing up…There were a few tears shed putting them together…I have, only this morning, pulled down all the birthday cards and it’s dawned on me that I need to have a word with Alf when it comes to writing cards, his read “To Robb, Happy Birthday. Take Care and Goodbye”…Oh Alf. hahhah…And then a mini fridge turned up for his digs at Uni and I had to have a minute to myself…Tour De France is back!…Which means lazy afternoons watching the racing, daydreaming of France and the best background noise to send me off into a lovely nap…The Giant Jenga got an outing into the garden…this has been Alf’s bedside table for the past few years…and Paul Lowe takes Giant Jenga VERY seriously, lemmetellyou…”TWO HANDS! YOU USED TWO HANDS!”…phew, chill yer beans pal…SELLING SUNSET on NETFLIX!…and YES! it needs all the capitals…I smashed the first two seasons in a matter of days and it’s what goes on as soon as I realise I’ve got the telly to myself…suddenly, I want super long hair as well as super long legs and to sell houses!…Alf and his love for ponies at the minute…nothing like being sent a video of Alf jumping on to a pony bareback to make this Mam very happy and remember the good ol days when I could do that…{Diolch Sam}…Currently reading “The Heatwave” and argh! it’s so good, I can’t put it down!…we had a burst pipe here the other week, which wasn’t stressful at all…Thank God for fast acting neighbours and family, otherwise I would still be stood there now in the nude looking at the water coming through the ceiling and lights thinking “what do i do now?!”…but I got a shopping trip out of it and a new living room, so there’s that…oh! and a fancy new shower!…a man of many talents my Lowey ;) …8 weeks to go until baby is due to arrive, but if she’s got anything to do with it, it’ll be before then the way she’s trying to kick and punch her way out…{Baby girl, de ni dal ddim yn barod, wel ma ne moses basket a bouncer wedi cyrraedd a dwi di prynu nail clippers ag un neu ddau o bethe eraill (i fi!), so hold am few weeks eto, plis!}…

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