Alf and I did our annual trip to Barmouth last week. It’s usually a night away to bring Mam and Dad home from their week away there in a caravan. But this time we decided to stay for a couple of nights. With no work for me and still no school for Alf, a couple of nights away felt like such a good idea. {TOMORROW IS THE DAY THOUGH!…to be honest, I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Excited for Alf to see his mates, get some routine back in our lives etc, but with all the new peaks in the news right now, it’s making me a little nervous}. Anyway, back to Barmouth and all the sweet childhood memories that come with it when visiting there…

There were plenty of walks along the beach…as well as warm, sugary donuts…ohmagosh, I can still smell them!…arcade games followed by more arcade games…and then some!…Mam and her insisting on bacon, eggs and tomatoes for breakfast and the constant mugs of tea {not complaining AT ALL}…Dad and his morning routine of a walk to the shop followed by a bowl of cornflakes and THEN eggs and bacon…i love it!…the same routine whilst on holiday for the last 39 years!…cozy evenings in my pyjamas with a book…and the tv…Alf complaining every time we went for a walk…yet, it was us waiting for him as he ran, climbed and jumped along the rocks…I got to dip my toes in the sea!…and it was just what my chunky, swollen feet needed!…big, fat hot chocolates as big as Alf’s head…the basketball game in the arcade was Alf’s second home for those two days we were there…lamb burger as big as my head, but I ate it all…Dad struggled with his and would just look at me and my bump and just laugh and shake his head!…more walks…more naps…and more food…a new hat for Alf…and some extra pounds for me!…Diolch Mam & Dad…and Diolch Barmouth.

Til next time…!

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