Life Is…

I did it. I took a photo of my feet in a big ol’ bunch of colourful leaves. What a cliché. But I can’t help it. I bloody love everything that comes with this time of year. The colours, the chunky knits and the cozy nights {who am i kidding?! we’re still in a pandemic, and days!} in. Yes please to all of the above…as well as a cute little mini me squirreled away under a blanket with us. Perfect.

Life. Right now, it’s 38 weeks preggers and everything that comes with it. With Alf it’s “Mam, ti’n cal tractions?!” whenever he walks in the room…we’ve sent him to Low’s once already thinking it was happening…only for it all to stop once he’d got there…It’s hearing the slight panic in everyone’s voice when I call them…“What’s happening?! Are you ok?!”, “Yeah, can you just add shower gel to the shopping list?”. It’s answering the phone with “Yes I’m fine Thanks. No Niggles. No Baby. Bye”. The constant “is this it…is it happening?!”…it’s tiring and trying to not to get too excited every time it happens, is hard. Alf especially gets very annoyed with me…like I’m the one who decides when it’s all going to happen! Ha. Bless him. It’s attempting to eat a Vindaloo {well, I had about 4 pieces of chicken before giving up…} This is someone who only ever eats a Tikka or Korma, so i did well!…Eating fresh pineapple…Bouncing like my life depends on it on a Birthing Ball…Not having the concentration span to stick to one programme on the telly….but being able to read all the books straight after each other. I’m currently reading “Life in Pieces” by Dawn O’Porter. It only arrived the other day, but I’m half way through already. It’s her diary and thoughts during the pandemic and it’s such a great and easy read. I was only 45 pages in and I had lost count of the number of times I’d giggled to myself, nodded in agreement in places…and googled weed gummies. It’s ace. She also talks a lot about food. Mmmm, food. I get hungry reading it. I was reading it in bed this morning with a coffee, and she started to talk about food and her favourite sausage roll recipe…before I knew it, I was downstairs. 2 rounds of peanut butter and jam {has to be raspberry!} on toast and a bowl of coco pops later, I was satisfied and could carry on with my day. Life. It’s Robb texting about his night out in Liverpool, finished with a “Babi fuan!?”...and sending all the crossed fingers emojis back.

Paul goes away with work for a few nights soon…ha!, of course he does! Less than 2 weeks to go and they decide to send him away. You will find me on the sofa, not moving, definitely not eating a Vindaloo and fresh pineapple just waiting for his car to arrive back on the drive…!

Right, it’s lunchtime and I’m now thinking of sausage rolls, peanut butter and jam and coco pops. I better go make something.

“Yes I’m fine thanks. No Niggles. No Baby. Bye”.

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