A Birth Story

“We’re going to tell you how to deliver the baby” are not words you want to hear someone saying to your husband over the phone…but this is where we found ourselves at around 1.30am on the 29th October…

Having passed the “Oh she’ll be here within the 2 weeks” mark WEEKS ago and now my actual due date, with a few false alarms thrown in inbetween, I didn’t really think much of the strong contraction that woke me up in the middle of the night…

Paul had to be up at 4am for work, so I took myself off to the spare room so that I didn’t disturb him with what was for sure, just another false alarm…

A couple of minutes later, he text me to check everything was ok…“Yeah, just a couple of contractions, Don’t want to wake you until I have to”.

I put my phone down…seconds later, my waters broke…Paul heard from our bedroom and came running through. The Midwife had told me to call for an Ambulance as soon as my waters broke. Paul “Shall I call for an Ambulance?!”, Me “No, we’ll be ok”.

Two minutes later, I was on the bathroom floor…“Call that Ambulance, she’s coming!”.

After giving the Operator our general information {name, address etc}, this is when he uttered those words “We’re going to tell you how to deliver the baby”…We both thought he was preparing us “just in case” and that the Ambulance was going to be here any minute now…

I managed to call my sister {who lives next door} to come and get Alf as he was a little upset with everything that was going on…but he had managed to send a Snapchat telling everyone what was happening! ha! {Not of me! Oh God, imagine?!}…

Low came upstairs thinking we were just gathering a few bits together before making our way to the hospital…and got quite the shock when she walked into our bedroom to find me on the bed getting ready to deliver our baby! “What can I do to help?” she asked, “We need some string and a safety pin…and lots of towels!” was Paul’s reply.

Cue Low running around our houses like a headless chicken looking for the stuff and trying to calm the kids! I would love to see CCTV footage of her and just the whole evening in general, really!

Back in the bedroom, things were moving fast…very fast! A couple of contractions later and I can hear Paul telling the Operator “Oh yeah, I can see the head!”. At this point I’m thinking THIS ISN’T HAPPENING! PAUL CAN’T DO THIS! THIS IS TOO MUCH! AND WHERE’S THE AMBULANCE WITH MY FRIGGIN GAS AND AIR?!…and then I shouted something like “Call Anwen if you need to!”. Anwen is a good friend of ours and also a nurse {handy!} who lives over the fence behind ours. She arrived at the bottom of the stairs to hear Paul saying he could see the head.

Another contraction and the head was delivered and Paul is telling me “Ooh, she’s got my nose, Cer!” and I remember thinking “This is not the time to start telling me who she looks like!”

This next bit is my sister’s favourite part, when the Operator told Paul that the baby was going to be slippery and to make sure he didn’t drop her once she was delivered, Paul then pulled a “friggin hell this is stressful” face, let out one hell of a sigh and then rolled up his sleeves, ready for whatever was coming his way! Love Him.

And this is when time seemed to really slow down and we seemed to wait ages for the next {and last!} contraction… I could hear the Operator saying “Tell her to push!” but with no contraction, I didn’t feel the need to. And then, with my last bite of the towel I had somehow come to chew on with each contraction, it came, I pushed and Paul caught the baby! Maisie Anne had arrived, all pink and perfect.

She cried more or less straight away. There were tears {mainly Low!}, sighs of relief {All of us, I think!} and “Have you checked it’s definitely a girl?” {Me!}.

Instructed by the Operator to measure the cord, Paul and Anwen got busy in order to tie it with the shoestring, at which point Paul laughs and says to Anwen “I think Bryn has been lying to you about what 6 inches is this whole time Anwen!”.

The Ambulance arrived around 15 minutes later, to which a voice piped up “Right, that’s me off. But before I go, I need to tell you she was born at 2.02am”...our trusty Operator still on the phone, bless him. The Ambulance men gave us the cutest hat to put on her little head, and it’s the one she’s still wearing today when we head out.

We’d promised Robb he would be the first to know as soon as she arrived, so Paul facetimed him not long afterwards…being at Uni, he was bound to still be up, and he was! So he got to meet Maisie via facetime! And then Paul popped next door to Low’s so find Alf, “Alf…do you want to come and meet your little sister?!”.

With Maisie checked over, it was a sigh of relief when the Midwife {an hour and a half late, having come from Wrexham and couldnt find us, bless her!} said there was no need for us to go to the Hospital and that we could just jump back into bed with Maisie. Result!

So, all in all, a 4 or 5 Contraction labour which lasted half an hour…at home…and Paul delivered our Maisie, it was pretty perfect.

A big shout out to Paul for staying so calm throughout and, like he said’ “just getting the job done” – forever grateful for him and this moment we shared. I love you.

My Sis for being there for me, ALWAYS.

Anwen, for living over the fence and always being super helpful whenever we’ve needed her.

Not Forgetting My Alf, for giving us the sweetest moment of the night…telling us when he was sat on the sofa holding Maisie, it was the best family moment for him ever. Robb was missed by us all that night, but was very much on my mind throughout and afterwards.

Croeso i’r byd, Maisie Anne Lowe!

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