Being mam…

There’s a lot (A LOT!) of stuff that can be said about the year that was 2020. We can bitch about it all we like…and bloodyhell haven’t we?!…it was proper fucking shit…but…BUUUUT…for all the bad stuff that came with it, there was a lot of good. It gave me all of that time with Robb before he left for University, which I would no way have got if it wasn’t for the pandemic…all of those tiktoks with Alf, all the laughs while we re-started over and over again because of the giggles…it gave us those sun-filled days with the paddling pool and lazy lunches in the back garden…and with being pregnant and having to shield, I wasn’t allowed to head out to do the weekly food shop (halle-friggin-luiah!) ;) … And Obviously, 2020 was also the year that gave us our little Maisie Anne. Little M and her fluffy head, chunky cheeks and gorgeous smiles.

So, what’s it like? Starting all over again? How are the Bois with her?! It’s pretty freaking lovely, actually! And they adore her! Being Mam…it has it’s good days as well as the bad. It’s the slow mornings with coffee in bed and baby feeds/snuggles…and the late night feeds that go on and on and on. It’s plenty of daily walks to get our little cat napper into a good deep sleep in the pram. It’s loving having everyone home…only for Robb to decide to head back to Liverpool in the space of half an hour…yes, I cried…for 2 hours…but did a large glass of red wine help me out once I’d stopped? you betcha! It’s Zoom classes for Alf…{soo much better than the “homeschooling” I did during the first lockdown!}. It’s the collection of cute and funky tights that I’m more than happy about…and Baby girl knowing how to fill her nappy good and proper, {which reminds me, anyone got any good tips on how to get some good stains out of baby vests and clothes?!}. It’s full on wrestling with Alf in the kitchen over Nutella…and then him letting me have a bath while he had Maisie…from what I could hear in the bath, there were a few lessons on Call of Duty going on…so, if we go by the number of baths I have, Maisie should be a pro on that game by the time she is 6 months old. Marvellous. Being Mam, it’s waking up in the middle of the night patting the bed thinking “Where the hell is she?!” for her to be fast asleep in Paul’s arms. It’s Robb texting to say “You don’t want to FaceTime me now…I’m drinking with my flatmates…” It’s all the gummy smiles at bath time. {Her bath time as well as mine!}. It’s “Witching Hour” as I call it, every evening without fail. She wants the boob…she doesn’t want the boob…She wants to sleep, she doesn’t want to sleep and on and on it goes. Such fun! It’s cute baby smiles and my clothes constantly covered in baby sick.

Being Mam…it’s all of the above and everything else in between…including those first baby jabs tomorrow…wish me luck! ;)

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