5 o’r penwythnos

I’m all about finding the pleasure in the simple things these days {it’s helping me get through life right now…}…or those small things that really won’t be quite so small when we look back on this time in many years to come. The simple things like opening a favourite bottle of wine…or that flapjack I baked the other week and was gone in a matter of days…or that early sun I managed to catch that morning I actually managed to get out of the house with a pram before 10am!!

So, now that Alf has finished “school” for the day, it’s my turn on the laptop and here’s five things from my weekend;

1 :: The Snow returned! And with it came all the pretty walks and hot chocolates.

2 :: …and with the cold weather comes the hot soup!

I made this recipe but added chilli pepper flakes because I live with Paul…he’d put pepper on everything if he could, I’m sure of it.

3 :: A bath with my baby girl. Our first one together! A bath full of bubbles and smiles…it was bloody lovely…colder and a lot shallower than my usual baths, but lovely all the same.

4 :: Still Breastfeeding! 3 months in and without realising when or how exactly, it suddenly dawned on me just how “easy” it has all become. I say “easy” because it hasn’t always been. We’ve had good days and bad…there have been days where it’s been really hard and painful…days I’ve had to grab some emergency milk {Diolch Sioned!} and plenty of tears…from the both of us. It just feels really good to get to a place where I don’t have to think about it really…just put her on and away we go…especially handy during the night feeds! I’ve not really put a timeline on how long I want to breastfeed for really…but seeing as it protects her from many illnesses…I’ll continue to keep winging it! {I hope I haven’t jinxed it now!}.

5 :: There’s a small sniff of some sort of routine happening, {see what I mean about winging it?!}…but an early morning walk while Little M sleeps is one thing I am more than happy to get on board with every day. If anything, the fresh air wakes me up after those night feeds and sets me up for the day…as well as gives me the nod for those biscuits I have lined up with a paned when I get in. Yup, still eating like I’m pregnant over here…

Tell me something that’s making you happy right now.

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