Maisie at 3 Months Old

In the same week that I drank wine and decided to CUT MY OWN HAIR! {I think I’m doing what everyone did in Lockdown No. 1 now…}. Maisie Bach turned 3 months old. 3 months. So obviously, I got the camera out and took all the pics of her cute face and those chubby cheeks she has worked hard on filling up these last 3 months.

That left photo is her ”now listen to THIS story” face.

From left to right in the blink of an eye – all the expressions.

She LOVES her Sophie the Giraffe, smiles when Sophie squeeks at her and loves a good chew on her head. We’ve had a couple of full nights sleep…got cocky about it and told everyone we spoke to…only for Maisie to wake up a few times the following night. Doh. She loves a good soak in the bath just as much as she loves a good poonami. She talks and talks while we eat our tea…looking up at us as if she’s saying ”why the hell am I down here and the rest of you up there eating without me?!”. Loves looking at herself in the mirror…I would too if I was that cute. Sneezes three times in a row most of the time. Needs to learn to chill out a bit…ALWAYS wanting to go. Where? I’m not sure. But she just wants to go. Her arms and legs going all the time. She has found her thumbs and can make a hell of a noise when she’s started on them. Especially when she’s sucking on both of them. Calm down Beb.

Me to Paul “What does Maisie do? I’m just doing a little post on her now”.

Paul “She eats, sleeps, farts, shits and cries Cer. Oh and giggles! She giggles now too! And Pee-Po, she likes that too.”

So there you have it. Maisie at 3 month old.

TRUE STORY! As soon as I finished typing this up, there was a poonami situation that needed to be dealt with! So there is now a baby vest and her new Blade & Rose tights now soaking in some Vanish…new on today, too…

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