What are you looking forward to after?

When the “you-know-what” is over and we can get back to the new normal, here’s what I’m looking forward to….

Hugging family

Like no-messing-around-get-in-here-lemme-squeeze-you-til-my-arms-hurt…and then some. Mam Bach…Bring. It. On.

And to those Lowe’s over in Shrewsbury… watch out is all I’m saying!…

Hugs to be had and Cheeks to be squished! Not forgetting all the sloppy swsus from Maisie!

Seeing friends

Imagine being this close to all of your friends again and just laughing and laughing…while topping up that glass…and laughing some more whilst reminiscing about anything and EVERYTHING! I want to laugh until at least a third of us have wet ourselves…sod that, all of us! I want to laugh with them about the pole dancing in Benidorm…those weekends away…the “one drink” that NEVER stopped at one…the dodgy bellies after a proper session…the dance offs…the water slide that nearly killed off 2 people in this photo…I want to laugh at it all WITH them all. And I can’t bloody wait!


I just want to see Alf come in from school with that smile on his face, greet me with his “Iawn Mam?”...and listen to him tell me about his day, who made him laugh and why his uniform is covered head to toe in mud and will need to be washed AGAIN tonight…

And I want to speak to Robb and hear about his nights out in Liverpool…what time he got in from the clubs…or even what the University looks like inside!! And then plan a day IN Liverpool with him! I want to shop and eat my way around Liverpool with him.

Baby groups

I worry that Maisie isn’t going to know what to do when she sees another baby…so I can’t wait to join all the baby groups and get her some cute little friends to play with. And to go on those coffee dates and walks with other Mams, especially with Spring on its way! I’m just imagining picnic blankets laid out, hot coffee and cute play dates. All us new Mams in this pandemic have got a lot to catch up on!

A pint in the Duds

O. M. G. I can just picture it now. A Sunday Afternoon…all the old gang there…a pint of Guinness…all the stories and laughs…with promises of “Oh, one more for the road!”…or Dad’s “De chi siwr de chi ddim isio un arall?...”

So, come on, what are you looking foward to after?!

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