Photowall – {and 25% off for you!}

Paul and I had been talking about re-decorating our living room for a while…a little bit of an update…change the sofa, seeing as our memories of babies the first time around were they were very sickly and our sofa covers were in the wash every week! We had discussed getting it all ready for when the baby arrived…and then a burst pipe back in the Summer soon brought it all forward. For a moment there that evening, holding my growing bump and bent over with the stress of water pouring through the lights and the ceiling…and Paul at work, I did think we were going to be changing nappies a lot sooner than we thought too…

Fast forward a few months and we’ve re-decorated {well, when I say “we”, I mean Paul has…best get that bit in…}, got ourselves a wipe-able sofa {come at me with all your sicky burps, Maisie Bach!}, but just needed something to go up on the wall above the sofa. And then Photowall got in touch…

With soo many options {over 20,000 motifs!} to choose from, I managed to whittle it down to a few and then finally decide on what I wanted. Which is a patterned canvas print to go with the rest of the room. We’ve gone from reds and creams to blues and browns…and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Placing my order was very easy. Once I had decided on my canvas print, I was able to change the size to fit the space we wanted it to, add a border {or not, if you prefer} and ta-da! All done.

My order arrived within a number of days and I couldn’t wait to get started on it. The canvas is sent ready for you to build it and with full instructions…phew.

With instructions so simple to follow and the canvas just as simple to build, it was ready to be hung on the wall within 20 minutes.

A Special thanks to my trusty little helper…

Building it looked a little something like this…Clear and Simple steps.

And seeing as I can’t be trusted to hang anything on walls {or put holes in them anyway!}, it was time for Paul to get his tool out {steadyyyyy!} and hang it up!

I am so pleased with it! But as you can see from this next pic, I’ve left a space for a few more framed pics…you don’t need me to tell you who is going up there…let’s just say I’ve had to wipe the sofa a few times since she’s arrived!

Photowall have very kindly given us all a 25% discount code to be used on any product on their website – mascaraandmud25 – and it is only available for a month, so what are you waiting for?!

Diolch yn fawr iawn, Photowall!

{serious face: Photowall kindly gifted me this canvas print for this review. All words and photos are my own…including that cute trusty helper of mine ;) }

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