One Whole Year

One whole year since lockdown started! One whole year since we were told “stay at home”…and everyone went crazy and stacked up on toilet roll.

Like a lot of us, I don’t feel like I’ve done much {growing and having a baby aside!}…but yet so much has changed too…and for the better!…isn’t life just weird and wonderful in it’s ways?! I was looking through my Instagram the other evening to see how the last year had looked {to some degree anyway…Instagram isn’t always “real life” is it? Life, but prettier. The good parts}. And the more I looked and read about what we had been up to, I was a bit like…Woah…this was our 2020…our Lockdown Life. And it just felt weird to be looking back at our life during a friggin global pandemic but yet smiling to myself as the memories and the the fear of the unknown came flooding back.

Like I said, Life… it’s weird and wonderful.

One whole year of the same walks 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a day…we got ourselves a new big paddling pool…didn’t think I’d be buying that for a 17 and 12 year old to keep themselves entertained, yet here we were loving it!…everyone suddenly got thrown into homeschooling…Alf and I struggled a bit with it, I’m sure we weren’t the only ones…we’d end up falling out a lot of the time…we found out right at the beginning of lockdown there was going to be another Mini Lowe joining us…and I actually let Alf have a go with my camera…must’ve been the hormones ;) …walked again…and then some more…and then ate another spoonful of Nutella, probably…wonderful…

And then some rules started easing and we were allowed out of the village…so we went and walked around other places!…We had a go at growing our own veg for the first time…worked on perfecting our banana bread…turns out you just need to add caramel topping…baby bump started to show thanks to all that salty butter and nutella I just couldn’t get enough of…the leaves started to turn as Autumn approached…Lockdown birthdays all around, the big 18 for Robb too…and then he left for the bright lights of the city and Uni life…he’s loving it, but has yet to set foot inside the actual University itself…weird…

More walking…and eating…unfinished crafts gathering up dust…and then our Maisie Bach made her appearance and made everything ok in the world once again…and we lived in that gorgeous newborn bubble for weeks, soaking up every second…before heading out again…this time with crunchy leaves…all the tea and all the cake…wonderful

Christmas crept up on us…as well as another lockdown…resulting in a quiet yet lovely first Christmas with Maisie…Robb came home and finally met his little sister…{there’s still soo many people she’s yet to meet!}…we woke up to stockings full of goodies…and a turkey still frozen!…and I continued to indulge in all the good stuff as if I was still pregnant…still do, if I’m honest…I started running again!…well, I’ve been twice, does that count as “running again”?!…I tried to get a little creative with the photos…that didn’t last long either…maybe all this stopping and starting has something to do with these lockdowns?!…I’m just happy to be getting out with my camera at the minute…

And now Spring has arrived with it’s blue skies, bouncing lambs and yellow Daffs…and I am more than happy for these paneds with friends in the garden to start!

There’s a little someone waiting to meet you all…

2 thoughts on “One Whole Year

  1. It is so special that you reflect and share your experiences. Your pictures and memories enhance your own and others lives. You are fun, positive and an amazing lady who enriches your own life, your families and everyone who comes in contact with you. You support your Community and encourage the younger people to enjoy and embrace opportunities. Your new addition to your family is another blessing to a beautiful woman, Mother and wife. X

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