Life is…

{the baby version}…

{She’s smiling here…} but Life at the minute is Maisie shoving her own finger up her own nose until she cries, three sometimes four times in a row…and she still goes and does it again once i’ve removed said finger…”adeiladu ty bach” on repeat in the bath…jibber jabber all day long…biiig smiles when she sees other babies…the cutest dance when her Iggle Piggle sings…{In the Night Garden on repeat, if we’d let her!}…loves to empty the clothes drawers after i’ve just filled them…not to mention destroy my Mam’s ”display” by her fireplace…{she’s going nowhere near the mother-in-law’s ”best room”…or sofa, while we’re at it!}…has a good laugh at herself as she sucks her own toes…or while snorting her yoghurt…She’s basically living the dream with these last two! 😂 And today she actually had bed hair…{does this mean i can put her hair in pig tails soon??!!}…

Life is all the above and those sweet squishy baby swsus.

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