5 O’r Penwythnos

1 :: I dropped Mam & Dad off at Llandudno for their weekend treat. The wind was biting cold…but the Sun was out and we enjoyed a lovely walk along the pier {shuffle if your name is Maisie!}, dodging all those pesky seagulls…but keeping an eye out for The Monkey Man! 😂

2 :: Robbie came home! Always a good weekend when everyone is home…just not sure who was enjoying In The Night Garden more…

3 :: Mam’s Sunday Funday Surprise 60th – We got her good! Completely surprised her…but Bobl Bach it felt good to be out, seeing people and dancing the night away!

4 :: And we got to dance for two whole hours as Maisie timed her long and overdue nap brilliantly!…

5 :: Which is probably why we all needed some fresh air and a quick trip to the park Monday afternoon…

All partied out right now but then someone is turning One on Friday?!!! Not sure how we’ve got here so fast, but blincin heck, give me a minute…

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