Is there an App for that?!…

Today has been a good day…a good day to tick a few things off the old list…or app, cos that’s where my list is…I think that’s where most people’s lists are these days…but my TeamTOMM list. Yes, even though I’m home every day, I still can’t keep on top of everything that needs doing and feel I need an app to tell me what to do and when…it sounds even worse now I’ve typed that out 😂…{Diolch am yr heads up, Sioned!}.

I was actually properly dressed hours before I usually am…I’ve sorted stuff that had been waiting for me to sort out for a while…I put a few things up for sale on ‘Vinted’…and sold something within the hour!…I’ve washed bedding…I’ve headed out for a walk…caught up with some ‘life admin’…as well as Mam & Dad over a paned…BUT CAN I GET 5ml OF ANTI-BLOODY-BIOTICS IN MAISIE’S MOUTH WITHOUT US FALLING OUT OR SOME {MOST} OF IT BEING SPAT OUT ON ME?…NO, no I bloody well can’t.

*heads to the App Store to see if there’s an App that can help me with that…*

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