The One Where I’m definitely not scared of the cows…

Definitely not, ok?!

With a coffee in bed, we checked the weather forecast to see if it was going to be nice enough, or at least dry, for us to head out for a walk. Morning was our best bet, so off we went.

It started off great…fresh with a beautiful autumnal blue sky…and not a cow in sight!

Just sheep. The Nosey Type.

And Bracken. Which I’m still convinced from years ago that it is full of snakes just waiting to pounce when the time is right.

Still no cows…but there was this…

And this is where we headed up and around… and where I realised we weren’t walking the route I thought we were walking…

This is where Paul would butt in and tell you I got tired, out of breath, a bit naggy and…and…something else.


We got over the next field to see that we weren’t alone…THERE WERE COWS! Big effin brown ones just stood there WATCHING US.

But I was totally ok with it. I WAS FINE.

Really. I was. I may have been walking quite fast ahead of Paul and constantly looking all around me…but I was fine.

{Once we got through that gate and into the field where there no cows, anyway.}

Yeah. Still checking for cows over my shoulder every 2 seconds here.

And Here.

And then, according to Paul, I got cocky…because they were behind a fence…

By now, poor Maisie’s hands were very cold and there was only one thing for it…her first proper taste of Hot Chocolate.

At home. As far away as possible from the cows.

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