I booked myself into a spa today, it’s called The Bedroom at My House.

I didn’t think much of the staff to be honest, I asked this young lady for a glass of Prosecco and got a “aubagh!” as a response.

What’s that all about?!

Anyway, the reason for my visit was to try out a face mask I had kindly been sent by Bellaforever.

”At Bella Forever we sell the best skincare for sensitive skin: natural, vegan, organic & cruelty-free products that are made using only the finest ingredients in the world that have a function and a benefit for the skin. 

Every product has 5 ingredients or less. We believe that fewer ingredients means gentler skincare. The simpler your routine the better.”

Taken from their website.

With the simplest of instructions to follow, the mask was prepped and we were ready to roll.

I also popped an episode of In the Night Garden on, hoping it would keep her entertained for the 10-15 mins while the mask was on.

Didn’t last long…

The mask smells amazing, it went on easily enough (and there was plenty of it) and soon started drying up…making any facial movements weird but very satisfying.

It came off as easy as it went on, leaving my face feeling very soft…if a little hot too. Exactly the feeling I like after using a face mask.

Feeling frrrrresh!!

{My hand is hiding the clutter that gathers on Maisie’s changing mat every week…👌🏻😂}

Fancy yourself a mask? Head on over to Bellaforever’s website to check them out and everything else they do.

Diolch yn fawr to Bellaforever for sending me a sample over, I’ve got plenty left over for some more masks…might try another Spa next time though.

{serious face: Bellaforever kindly gifted me this face mask for this review. All words and photos are my own…including that ever so cute but not so good Prosecco pourer ;) }

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