Life is…

Life, it’s finding the calm amongst the chaos…like that quiet paned and five minutes after a morning of running around after Maisie and trying to keep that pile of clothes which is now 3 piles high.

It’s Sharing a good slab of chocolate cake with Maisie…well, I think I had 25% of it…TULIPS! Is it Spring yet?!…The Three Eagles, good food, great wine and all the laughs…bath time giggles….it’s lighting a new candle…setting myself a couple of challenges…Ti a Fi and all the snack scraps…it’s taking good coffee back up to bed…toddler stranks because she wants to stay outside in the freezing cold…a night away in Liverpool and again good food, great wine and the best company…telling yourself you’re definitely not going to cry when saying goodbye this time…and failing…it’s checking to see if Maisie’s hair can get in a bobble every morning…going to bed to read, to get through a chapter at least…to not even read a page…it’s hummus for breakfast for someone…that same someone has now learnt how to reach the top of the stairs all by herself, so we go up and down the stairs 100 times a day which is excellent fun…and not back breaking at all…lazy morning feeds and all the snuggles…swim time fun but apparently the shower afterwards is way better…but if you ask me, sausage and mash at Nain and Taid’s afterwards is better again.

It’s all the above whilst embracing those snotty swsus, teenage grunts and waiting patiently on that banana bread that’s in the oven.

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