A Couple of days at Capel Curig

With what seemed the whole of the Welsh Coast all booked up and no camping spaces available anywhere…we decided to head to Capel Curig instead. {And Thank God we did, looking at some pics of the beaches…not sure I would have coped well with all of those people!}. So, Capel Curig it was…and what felt like a whole Lake to ourselves at times!

Setting up camp in that heat was something else…I was like a beetroot heading into Betws y Coed for some lunch!

Early Evening dips at the Lake for the win!

And morning…and afternoon, the lake was that lovely. In between dips we bbq’d…threw a lot of ‘skimmers’…took in the view overlooking the lake from the campsite with a glass of wine or coffee, depending which side of 5pm we were on…got up close to a very friendly dragonfly…watched a low flying chinook fly across the lake…laughed a lot…relaxed a lot…

…did some colouring in with Maisie…and maybe squished some very cute painted toes…{didn’t think I’d be doing this so soon, yet here we are…and loving every second of it!}

We very nearly didn’t get to Kayak as we forgot the life jackets…Uncle Didi and Auntie Hetty Hurt to the rescue! One good thing about not heading too far away from home. Maisie isnt’ much of a fan of her life jacket…but that didn’t stop her falling asleep while out on the lake one morning. She’d much rather put suncream on everyone and eat all the snacks…

…and take a nap with the best views!

We headed to Llyn Idwal one evening…it was cooler and less people around, perffaith.

…i just wish the midgies that were eating us alive while we were having a chippy tea at Betws y Coed that evening had the same idea…

All in all, a great couple of days away. Fingers crossed for more sunny days before we head into September and back to school…a funny first trip without any of the Bois too…they were missed.

I’ll finish with this pic of Maisie…who had clearly had enough for one day…ha

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